Oxytech has recently introduced the CX-3B, the new luminance meter with images with a resolution of 8,000,000 pixels to obtain the following parameters:

  • Measurement of luminance at the user-defined grid points on the vial or tunnel image according to CIE140-2000, EN 13201: 2015 and IESNA RP-8-00
  • Calculation of longitudinal and transverse uniformities.
  • Evaluation of the luminance in the area of access to the tunnels of roads according to the CIE88-2004, UNE-CR4380: 2007 …
  • Calculation of IT glare

CX-3B can be easily connected to a computer via a USB2.0 interface.

CX-3B is added to the wide range of luminance meters proposed by Oxytech, such as the CX-2A (without temperature regulator) and the CX-2B (with temperature controller) at 1,400,000 pixels per image, or the luminometer LM- 3 (Spot Luminancemeter)