ULBRICHT integrating sphere

 integrating sphere

Integrating Sphere for spectrum, colorimetric and photometric tests (luminous flux) of luminaires, lamps and sourcesLED with the following characteristics:

  • Size: Φ0.15m, Φ0.3m, Φ0.5m, Φ1.0m, Φ1.5m, Φ1.75m, Φ2.0m, Φ2.5m, Φ3.0m, customized size
  • Thermostatic methods:ambient, automatic temperature-constant
  • Coating property: SpektronTM coating,Diffuse reflectance, and appears nearly lambertian (perfectly diffuse) properties, non-toxic, durable and optically stable over time.
  • Coating Reflectivity: coating R97, coating R80, UV coating
  • Geometry:
    • 4π (lamp mounted in the center)
    • 2π(lamp mounted on the side, top or bottom).

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