Project Consulting

Asselum offers consulting services to lighting projects for all types of applications, exclusively to support its clients as an external project department.

Interior lighting

Design of interior lighting systems for all types of applications. Our experience in hotels, restaurants, smart offices, museums, and churches, among others; Is adjusted to the needs of our more than 150 clients who request our advice.

Outdoor lighting

Design of exterior lighting projects to meet the needs without contaminating the space. Parks and gardens, facades of emblematic buildings, museums, tolls, ports and outdoor service centers.

Street lighting

In order to achieve the required photometric results, it is necessary to use luminaires with very studied photometric distributions, this involves the design of optics that work by reflection in the case of discharge lamps and optics that work by transmission (Lenses) in the case of luminaires Equipped with Led. This results on the one hand in a greater visual comfort (absence of annoying brightness), greater safety in traffic and for pedestrians, and on the other hand the possibility of increasing the inter distances between scaffolds and therefore a saving in the installation.

Design of tunnel lighting and industrial applications

Asselum designs lighting systems for special cases, specific needs and research and development of new applications. Installation reports. Compliance with current law and action.

Asselum has developed studies and calculations of lighting for tunnels, high-speed trains, nautical ports and airports, among others.

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