Oxytech srl

OxyTech has 2 laboratories in the world capable of producing any kind of photometric and color measurements on conventional or LED luminaires and sources.

The laboratotries are located in:

  • Italy, the headquarter, with 3 goniophotometers
  • Spain with 2 goniophotometers at Asselum SL – Grupo OxyTech

The laboratories may also perform tests on lamps and emergency luminaires.

The International Standards applied by our laboratories are:


EN 13032-1: 2005 + EN 13032-2: 2005 + EN13032-3: 2008 (Luz e iluminación - Medición y presentación de datos fotométricos de lámparas y luminarias)


EN 13032-4 (Light and Lighting - Measurement and presentation of photometric data of LED lamps and luminaires)


EN 1838 (Lighting applications - Emergency lighting)


IESNA LM-79-08 (Approved method - Electrical and photometric measurements of solid-state lighting products)

The laboratories, operating for more than 25 years and with an experience on more than 65.000 measurements, works in accordance with the ISO-EN 9001-2008 Standard and includes, among their clients, manufacturers and public bodies from all over the world.

oxytech laboratories
oxytech laboratories

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