General description:

The MK350S Premium Advanced Spectrometer is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-use spectral illumination meter, with spectral analysis and advanced flicker meter.

It is designed for spectral illuminance or color measurements, horticulture / agriculture lighting and LED. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

It is versatile and ideal for measuring general light metrics such as LUX, CCT, CRI, CIE 1931, Ra, R1 to R15, wavelength, PPFD and PAR and many others. Exceptionally, it also includes an integrated CCD camera to provide an additional visual view that shows the sensation of illumination level and uniformity for the area under measurement.

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⇒ Multifunction.

b.⇒ More than 40 units of measure, including LUX, CRI, CCT, Ra, R1-R15, TLCI etc.

c.⇒ Flicker measurement according to international measurement standards “IEEE 1789 / IES / ASSIST / ENERGY STAR”.

d.⇒ Evaluation of the color representation of light source color performance index TM 30-15 according to IES.

e.⇒ Material transmittance calculation.

e.⇒ Uniformity lighting analysis of an installation.

f.⇒ People centered lighting or Human centric Lighting (HCL).

f.⇒ BIN LED classification mode or MacAdam ellipses.

g.⇒ Measurement comparison mode.

h.⇒ Continuous Registration Mode

h.⇒ Software for PC uSpectrum and uFlicker.

i.⇒ Spectrum App for Smartphones.

i.⇒ Wing Wi-fi wireless control card.

Advantages of buying the MK350S Premium Advanced Spectrometer:

  • Free technical support by an accredited photometry laboratory
  • 3 year warranty
  • Synchronization of the device through computer software and mobile application for IOS and Android.
  • 2 “UPRTEK Lighting” manuals and free firmware updates.
  • Delivery in 48h after order confirmation

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