Laboratory of lighting tests

There are now an increasing number of products in the lighting sector which makes it difficult to distinguish between good and poor quality products. In our laboratory, with more than 15 years of experience in the elaboration of tests, we test for all types of users in the lighting market, always with the philosophy of impartiality and confidentiality.

Your trusted partner for your laboratory measurements

  • If as a manufacturer or importer you need an objective measurement to know if your equipment meets all the requirements and benefits, we can do it.
  • If, as an engineering /architectural firm, public entity or final user, you need an objective measurement to know if some equipment meets all the requirements and benefits attributed to it, we can do it.

In our facilities, we have 2 goniophotometers and a gonio-spectroradiometer of last generation for the accomplishment of tests of photometry, colour measurements, measurements of the electrical and thermal parameters and analysis of the quality of the light like flicker and the photobiological security.

EN 13032-1

Test of lamps and lights according to EN 13032-1

Through the test of lamps and lights we provide the values of lamp flux, luminous flux, yield, polar distribution of intensities, electrical power, unglazed ratio (UGR) and colour temperature, among others. In addition, we provide the photometric files IES (.ies), EULUMDAT (.ldt) and OXL. (+ information)

Testing and characterization of UV ultraviolet optical radiation [200-400nm]

Complete laboratory to characterize the radiation in the ultraviolet range [200-400nm] of lamps and light sources. (+ information)

quality of light

Test on the quality of light

The light quality tests allow to evaluate the dangerous exposure levels of lamps and lights in accordance to UNE EN 62471 and the Directive (2006/25 / CE) of Artificial Optical Radiation Hazard, in addition to flicker.

(+ information)

LM79, LM80, TM21, ISTMT and TM30

Tests according to LM79, LM80, TM21, ISTMT and TM30

AThe lm79 has been for many years the only standard for photometric testing of LED technology, before the arrival of EN 13032-4 and CIE S 025. With the LM80 and TM21 we can predict the maintenance of the luminous flux throughout its useful life, while the new TM 30 indicates the new colour parameters such as Fidelity Index (Rf) and Gamut Index (Rg). (+ information)
EN 13032-4

Photometry test of lamps, modules and LED lights according to EN 13032-4

By testing all types of LED light sources (SSL) we provide the values of luminous flux, luminous efficiency, polar distribution of intensities, electrical power, unified glare ratio (UGR) and colour temperature, among others. In addition, we provide the photometric files IES (.ies), EULUMDAT (.ldt) and OXL.(+ información)
EN 1838: 2013

Photometric Testing of Emergency Lights according to EN 1838: 2013

For emergency lighting systems we can provide luminous flux, decay test and colour parameters, among others.

(+ information)

EN 13032-4

Color tests according to EN 13032-4

Asselum has a revolutionary system for the measurement of color and spectrum in different C and Gamma angles allowing to fully comply with the new color measurement standard for LED technology (+ information)
lamps for gardening

Test of lights and lamps for gardening

Asselum performs tests for all types of light sources for gardening and measures PAR units such as the photosynthetic photon flux PPF and the density of the photosynthetic photon flux PPFD.(+ information)

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If you have any doubts about our laboratory or any concept related to lighting do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you need a measurement?

If you need to know a parameter of a product or the performance of a trial do not hesitate to ask for a measurement.


Do you want to know more about the OXL file?

Asselum has chosen the OXL photometric format to deliver to our clients all the information of the test in a single file.


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Asselum chooses the OXL photometric

file as a data exchange format

Asselum has chosen the OXL system developed by Oxytech for the exchange of data between the laboratory and the client and as a system of management of the database. The OXL allows fast and easy delivery with all the information gathered in a single file. The advantages for our clients is to have the following information in the same site:

Exportable photometry in all formats such as .ies or .ldt.


Image of the sample tested


Electrical parameters of the luminaire / lamp (Voltage, current, power factor, etc.)


Electrical parameters of the light source (eg how the LED has been powered)


Environmental parameters during the test


Spectrum of color and all its parameters


Test report in PDF


Name of the family and applications to use as a database (For example, have all photometries ordered by applications such as industry, offices, roads, etc.)

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