Lighting Software

LITESTAR 4D is the system for lighting design that allows the design of interior and exterior areas (generic areas, sports areas, roads, tunnels) and the management of photometric and commercial documentation that makes the work of lighting professionals simple and efficient.

LITESTAR 4D consists of the following modules:


Litecalc is the module of litestar 4D for the realization of lighting projects of interior, exterior, lighting, sports, and tunnels.

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Liswin is the Litestar 4D module for the management of the electrical catalog of products such as lamps and luminaires. Create your own electrical catalog with photometries, images, 3D, PDF, and more than xxx parameters such as applications, assembly, IP, IK etc, to finally create all the datasheets automatically

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WebCatalog is the Litestar 4D module of interactive electronic Internet catalog. Manage all your products through a simple application where you can have all your catalog updated and ready for the market to download from the internet.

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Potoview is the Litestar 4D module for photometry management and visualization. View any photometric format such as. Ies and .ldt or OXL and performs a complete analysis of its parameters.

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Lisdat is the Litestar 4D module for catalog data management. Insert all kinds of technical parameters, images, pdf and everything you want to include in your electronic catalog.

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The OXL file is a new data exchange file format in the lighting sector and represents the evolution of the Eulumdat, IES, Cibse TM14, Scandinavian LTLI and CIE 102 files, which are usually limited to data only Photometric.

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El fichero OXL se ha desarrollado a través de la moderna tecnología de los ficheros de tipo XML, ampliamente utilizados hoy en día en muchos sectores en los que la trasferencia de información es un elemento esencial.
El fichero OXL, pensado para el mundo luminotécnico, permite gestionar la siguiente información de productos tales como luminarias y lámparas:


fotometrías de las luminarias con todos los parámetros eléctricos de interés


datos de laboratorio


datos de las lámparas


imágenes en distintos formatos


ficheros 3D


Documentos accesorios como:

– homologaciones de producto en PDF
– hojas de especificaciones en PDF
– …..


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