Espectroradiómetros UPRtek

UPRtek spectrometer

Asselum distributes the following Portable Spectrometers of the UPRtek brand, in addition to providing the necessary technical support and training.


MK350N Premium Spectro-Flickermeter is a spectrum analyzer, color meter and flicker meter for LED technology.


The MK350D model is a compact pocket spectroradiometer with only 70g in weight and is very easy to transport.

The PAR200 Compact Spectrometer uses the technology of the MK350D but including the lighting units for horticulture PAR.

Start-time & Flicker Tester

MK350S Premium Advanced is a handheld spectrometer with multiple functions in itself. It serves as a lux and color meter, PAR measurement, a blue light detector, lighting uniformity analysis and a light oscilloscope.

The PG200N Spectral PAR meter is the most intelligent and innovative meter for horticultural lighting analysis.

The Spectrum App for Smartphones and tablets is designed exclusively for each of the handheld spectrometers.

The uSpectrum PC Software is compatible with all UPRtek handheld spectrometers distributed by Asselum.

The uFlicker PC Software is compatible with the following UPRTek brand spectrometers distributed by Asselum: MK350N Premium Spectrometer and MK350S Premium Advanced Spectrometer.

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