Compact Spectrometer PAR200

General description:

The PAR200 Compact Spectrometer uses the technology of the MK350D but including the PAR horticulture lighting units.

The ideal tool to measure the light that stimulates the growth of plants. It uses the technology of the MK350D but including the PAR units such as PPFD values in μmol / m2 / s and PPF in μmol / s.

This pocket spectrometer only weighs 70 g is very easy to transport and its use is very intuitive.

It offers the possibility of measuring more than 27 parameters of light and color, flicker or flicker or PPFD.

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d .⇒ The lightest handheld spectrometer on the market.

e.⇒ All PAR metrics in the palm of your hand: PPFD, PPF-B, PPF-G, PPF-R, PPF-UV, PPF-FR, PFD, CCT.

j.⇒ Measurement of more than 27 light units such as CCT, LUX, CRI, CIE1976 u, v ‘, CIE1931 x, y, Ra, CRI, Spectrum diagram, Flashing percentage, among others.

o.⇒ All measurements in your hands, no need to connect to smartphone or PC.

⇒ Compatible with uSpectrum PC Software for more advanced analysis.

b.⇒ Compatible with Spectrum App for Smartphones and with Bluetooth connection.

p. ⇒ Unlimited data storage for measurements via Micro SD card.

Advantages of buying the PAR200 Compact Spectrometer:

  • Free technical support from an accredited photometry laboratory.
  • 3 year warranty
  • Synchronization of the device through computer software and mobile application for IOS and Android.
  • 2 “UPRTEK Lighting” manuals and free firmware updates.
  • Delivery within 48 hours after order confirmation.

If you have any questions, or want to request a quote, contact ASSELUM