Espectroradiómetros UPRtek

Laboratory instruments

Asselum distributes the following instruments of the brands Oxytech and Everfine in addition to providing technical support and training as needed

Asselum distributes the goniophotometers of the mark Oxytech for the accomplishment of tests of photometry and color following the standards EN 13032 and lm79 between them.

Portable instruments to be able to measure in any place any value that you need like illuminance, spectrum, color temperature, flicker or PAR units between them.

Esfera integradora de ULBRICHT

Integrating Sphere for spectrum, colorimetric and photometric tests (luminous flux) of luminaires, lamps and LED sources


UV light meters measures ultraviolet radiation and are widely used in disinfection and sterilization of ultraviolet light sources. Its use is also common in light treatment, aging, defect detection, engraved light, light cure, genetic improvement, plant cultivation and other measurement fields.


Asselum offers luxometers for all types of applications. While portable luxometers are best suited for field measurement, laboratory meters are more accurate.

Start-time & Flicker Tester

Laboratory instruments to measure light changes in real time, flicker or flicker, flicker index, strobe depth and modulation depth of light sources. It also provides start-up time for LEDs and other lighting sources.


The systems are specially designed for the determination of exposures to optical radiation hazards specified in IEC62471 and EN 62371, of LED products, UV lamps, lighting sources, luminaires, etc.

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