USpectrum PC software

General description:

The uSpectrum PC Software is compatible with all UPRtek handheld spectrometers distributed by Asselum.

UPRtek spectroradiometers do not require a PC connection for their measurements. However, its use is recommended for more advanced analyzes.

The use of the uSpectrum PC software allows a more in-depth analysis offering more than 50 measurement parameters.

⇒ Simultaneous connection with up to 16 handheld radiometer.

a.⇒ More than 50 units of measurement (Spectrum Diagram, CIE color space, CRI table …).

⇒ It makes numerous records allowing measurements of long periods of time.

b.⇒ Generate your own BIN tables. It incorporates ANSI C78.377 and MacAdam Ellipses.

⇒ Set the acceptance range and control the quality quickly and efficiently.

c.⇒ Print all your measurements and analysis. Modern and professional report.

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