Laboratory of lighting tests and lighting consultancy
(Software, measuring instruments, training and lighting projects)


Lighting tests laboratory

Lighting tests laboratory

We have 2 goniophotometers and 1 gonio-spectroradiometer of last generation in our facilities. These two devices are used to do photometric tests, colour measurements, electrical and thermal parameter measurements and for light quality analysis such as flicker and photobiological safety.


LITESTAR 4D is the system used for the development of lighting projects for the study of internal and external environments (generic areas, sports areas, roads and tunnels) and for the management of photometric and commercial documentation, which makes the work of professionals of the sector simpler and more efficient.

Laboratory instruments

Laboratory instruments

Asselum distributes all types of instruments for the measurement and testing of all types of products for the lighting sector, such as goniophotometers, spheres, luxometers and spectroradiometers, among others.


The Blue Light Hazard according to the CIE.

The Blue Light Hazard according to the CIE.

In this article we address a type of content about health and general interest: the blue light hazard. The argumentation of said risks is given by the position statement of the CIE (International Commission of Illumination) regarding the subject to be...

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