Next week we travel to Cartagena. The XLVIII CEI National Lighting Symposium will be held from 25 to 27 May 2022 at the Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos El Batel in the city of Murcia.
Once again, Asselum did not want to miss the event. As in previous editions, it will participate in the event with two presentations, which are detailed below.

What is the National Lighting Symposium about?

The National Lighting Symposium is the annual meeting of lighting professionals organised by the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI). It is an event where engineers, manufacturers, universities and other professionals from the lighting sector share knowledge through multiple presentations on different topics.
This year’s technical conferences will address a wide range of topics. From generic aspects of lighting, current regulations and the relationship between light, health and well-being; to other current issues such as light pollution, smart cities and energy efficiency.

If you want to consult the abstracts of all the papers that will take place in the symposium, you can do it in the following link

Asselum to give two presentations at the XLVIII Symposium Cartagena 2022

Asselum will participate in the technical conference on Wednesday 25 May with two presentations, which are detailed below:


Capture-light: a methodology to end light pollution (once and for all) 

The second talk will feature the following lighting experts: Alfred Sá Lago of Nur Lighting Design, Susana Malón Giménez of Lumínica Ambiental, Xavier Majoral of Stimulo Design Agencyand Marc Ballbé of Asselum

It will be held on Wednesday 25 May at 18h in Room B.

In this talk, the Captura Light team is presented as a collaborative project open to new collaborations, initiated by four small companies or technical studios specialising in lighting. One concern unites them; and it is none other than to solve an old but very current problem, that of light pollution.


Case study: Analysis of how the base materials from which power LED PCBs are made directly affect temperature, photometric performance and lifetime. 
Jordi Verdaguer from JVV Grup and Marc Ballbé from Asselum will be in charge of this presentation, which will take place on 25 May at 6:30 pm in room A.
The analysis of the research carried out by the working group formed by the companies Aismalibar, JVV Grup and Asselum will be presented. The research consisted of analysing how the different materials used to manufacture a PCB for power LEDs can affect the technical performance of an LED module.

You can consult the full programme of the XLVIII Symposium Cartagena 2022 here.