There is a growing need in the lighting market: a laboratory capable of measuring and characterizing ultraviolet radiation lamps and luminaires.

The Asselum laboratory, with more than 15 years of experience in the measurement of all types of light sources, has designed a laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment capable of measuring of all the light performance of a UV lighting system.

Asselum has all the necessary equipment to characterize all kinds of light sources that emit in the band of optical radiation between 200nm and 1000nm.

In the laboratory, all measurements can be carried out to obtain the following quantities:


Radiant flux (W, J/s)


Irradiance (W/m2)


Spectral power distribution in steps of 1 nm


Radiance (W/sr²/m²)


Radiant intensity (W/sr²)


Irradiance values at different distances and heights

In addition, being able to characterize lamps and luminaires to be able to perform simulations with calculation software such as Litestar, Relux, Dialux and AGI 32, among others.

This allows knowing the lighting levels in a specific situation. Also make calculation plans to know the Irradiance levels (mW / cm²) on any surface.



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In addition to the above, Asselum also distributes specially designed and calibrated spectroradiometers and radiometers for UV radiation in the ranges of [240-400nm].

The USR-200 Spectroradiometer is an ultraviolet spectrum irradiance meter that integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It adopts a number of international proprietary technologies and leads the mobile spectrum measurement technology. It is widely used in disinfection and sterilization of ultraviolet light sources.

In short, the lighting market presents a new need: a laboratory designed exclusively for measurements in ultraviolet radiation systems. Asselum’s technical laboratory responds to this. Also offering the distribution of UV spectrum irradiance meters for lighting manufacturers and designers.


If you need any type of advice regarding ultraviolet radiation measurements in lighting systems, do not hesitate to contact us.