The version 5.0 of LITESTAR 4D comes loaded with interesting news. Here we summarize the most outstanding ones:

Photoview – Management of photometry and colorimetry

Spectrum Data Tab

  • Possibility to integrate .RAW files derived from spectrum tests in several points according to standards EN 13032-4: 2015 and LM-79-08
  • Integrated spectrum evaluation according to EN 13032-4 with weighted average valued in radiance
  • Increment of the samples for the calculation of the IRC (chromatic reproduction index) from 8 to 15
  • Management of the background color of the spectrum. You can set the color like the other graphics

Energy Efficiency Rating Tab

The new label has been introduced for the evaluation of the IPEA * parameter of energy efficiency of luminaries according to the CAM (Minimum environmental criteria) Level 3, approved by the Italian Ministry of the Environment on September 27, 2017

Curve Isocandela Tab

The Cartesian isocandela graph has been introduced according to the ECE standard with representation limited to the angles H -35 ° + 35 ° and V -20 ° + 10 ° (Cartesian automobile)

Tab Interdistance Assessment Emergency

The window for configuring the minimum illuminance values in the evacuation routes and in the anti-panic areas has been introduced as well as the definition of the conservation factor

Bug fixes – UGR

The last 2 columns to the right of the UGR table showed the same value, the error was corrected

Bug fixes – Road Classification Tab

The evaluation of the G * parameter for classes 1,2 and 3 according to EN 13201: 2015 was not carried out correctly for those luminaires with emission above Gamma-90 ° in the case of intensities greater than 0

+ information about photoview

 40/5000 LTS4D Pv - CRI evaluation with 15 values
LTS4D Pv - New evaluation system for the energy efficiency of IPEA devices * According to the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment September 27, 2017
LTS4D Pv - Emergency - New definition of area parameters

Litecalc – Lighting Design and Planning


    • Results Zoom – the function has been introduced for the management of zooms in both regular and irregular areas composed of straight and curved segments
    • The design reticle does not automatically re-activate after the pseudo colors (false colors)
    • The wait cursor has been added during the opening of a project by Drag & Drop
    • The recording proposal window has been added when the program is exited or the project is changed
    • The name of the project has been added in the Title Bar
    • The function for the management of AUR (Recently Used Files) has been added
    • Added support for access to the OxyTech site of type https: // instead of the previous http: //

Roads and Tunnels

Sidewalk reflection coefficient of 40% to 30%


The calculation of the vertical illuminances in the vials has been activated at h + 1.5m with respect to the plane


  • The following functions have been introduced for the management of the results tables:
     Turn off all points that have the minimum value
     Turn off all calculation points below a certain value
     Turn off all points within the perimeter
     Turn on all points within the perimeter
     Reverse the points on and off
     Turn off all points
     Turn on all the points
  • The table of values has been modified: now the values are reflected in red if they exceed the mean value and in black if they are below. Also appear within a box the minimum values (in blue), medium (in green) -in this case are considered values within a range of +/- 5%) – and maximum (in red)
  • Roads and Tunnels – Cylindrical illuminances have been eliminated in the results table
  • The recording and opening functions of the grids configuration have been added
  • Functions have been added for the activation of the display of equipment and luminaires in the results with On-Off button, including the virtual planes and background Dxf files
  • Export of individual results in editable .CSV file with Excel
  • The units of measurement have been added in the uniformities and in the transversal means
  • Added the automatic scaling of the toolbars in the management of grids and uniformities


Added the Transpose function for the export of results to the Excel CSV format (Tools menu \ Configuration \ Export to CSV): allows defining the delimiter character of the field description and the separation between fields

Error correction

  • The error causing the program failure was corrected due to problems related to the setUserData and the reloadString through the extension of 256 MBytes to, currently, 2 Gbytes
  • The calculation of the semicylindrical illuminances was not carried out at 1.5m as required by 13201
  • The refresh (update) of the minimum, average and maximum values ​​has been inserted in the results tree on the left when the selection of the grids is modified
  • Corrected the management of extended characters such as ° or ® (the correction was made in Liswin, Litecalc and PhotoView that did not correctly interpret such extended characters when reading them from OXL, LDT or IES files)
  • Results – The error that led to the program’s failures in some situations while displaying the results was corrected
    Impressions – the incorrect overlap of the descriptions of the fields of the different tables in the impressions was corrected
  • Recording / Opening Unicode Projects – It is now possible to save and open projects whose description is composed of particular characters typical of some languages
  • Isolux curves – The isolux curves left the boundaries of the area in the case of especially irregular areas

+ information about Litecalc

LTS4D Lc - New zoom function in the results
LTS4D Lc - New evaluation system for the energy efficiency of public lighting IPEI * according to the Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Environment of September 27, 2017
LTS4D Lc - New functions to manage calculation results

Lisdat – Catalog data management

Management of the Creation of Databases through Excel

The following functions were introduced:

  • Automatic creation of databases from the standard OxyTech file in Excel
  • Export the entire database (Oxydata.mdb file) to an Excel file in OxyTech standard

+ Information about Lisdat

LTS4D Lc - Nueva función para la generación automática de catálogos de productos



Functional and management improvements were introduced in the Webcatalog:

  • The Technical Search function was extended with the introduction of special fields for emergency lighting products
  • The possibility of activating the WebCatalog via Login and Password was enabled
  • The control of unspecified parameters has been improved so that they do not appear in the product tab and in the technical data sheet

+ Information about Webcatalog




The site is now available in https: // to ensure greater security for users and provide full access through the search engines