The XLV National Lighting Symposium of the CEI will take place from 8th to 10th May. It will be held in the Congress and Auditorium Palace of Navarra, located in the capital, Pamplona.

Asselum will have an active participation in the conference, giving 2 presentations by our laboratory technicians: Marc Ballbè and Javier Fidalgo.

What is the National Lighting Simposium?

The National Lighting Symposium is an annual event organized by the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI). A large list of professionals from the lighting sector get gathered these days to present their papers.

The main attendants of the symposium will be from manufacturers, designers, architects and engineers to universities, town halls and administrations. All belonging  to the lighting sector. 

Thanks to that, the National Lighting Symposium is positioned as a unique event due to the quality of its papers. Great experiences and a deep knowledge about the latest developments in ligthing are shared during these 3 days.

Which presentations will be given by Asselum in the National Lighting Symposium?

We already told you at the beggining, our laboratory technicians will present 2 promising papers. We explain them below:

Interlaboratory of photometry and color 2017-2018 results

The first one, held by Marc Ballbè, will take place in Sala Cámara on wednesday 8th May at 4:15pm.

He will present the results of the interlaboratory photometry exercises organized by Asselum, involving more than 20 laboratories from all over Spain.

We will prepare soon an article explaining the result of the presentation.


How to measure color or the G spectral index for LED technology?

The second one will be held by Marc Ballbè and Javier Fidalgo. It will take place in Sala Bulevar the same 8th May at 6:30pm.

Both will be presenting the different ways to measure color parameters according to different measuring rules, among other things.

We will prepare soon an article explaining the result of the presentation.

 The BIM methodology challenge

In addition, one of our partners, OxyTech, will be also presenting its paper held by Stefano Mario Borsani. In this case the main topic will be the BIM methodology challenge.

You can get more info about the XLV National Lighting Symposium here or downloading its schedule