The LITESTAR 4D Photoview module, software from the company Oxytech, is now also Viewer. This module allows the elaboration of the photometric and spectrum data of luminaires and light sources and consists of multiple functions.

How does Photoview Viewer work?

With the new LITESTAR 4D Photoview Open Viewer mode, you only need to request the manufacturer for files in IESxml, OXL or UNIxml format instead of Eulumdat or IES files.

The LITESTAR 4D Photoview Viewer module allows with a single operation to display the following:

  • Luminaire data, tests and light sources.
  • Instrument data, standards and laboratory uncertainties (only with OXL)
  • LED pilot current data (only with OXL)
  • Graphs and photometric tables
  • Spectra with their color planes, IRC charts, IES TM-30-18 rating, McAdam ellipses.
  • Scotopic / photopic S / P ratio and melanopic M / P for field evaluations Human Centric Lighting
  • Product data sheet (only with OXL)
  • PDF files of assembly instructions (only with OXL)

Find out how Photoview Viewer works in the following video:

At ASSELUM we use this software for the management of photometric and commercial documentation, as well as for the preparation of lighting projects. Download it here:

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