Start 1000 starting/run-up time test system

The system is designed based on international standards such as: EC Directives 1194/2012, 2009/125/EC, IEC60969 “self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services– performance requirement” etc. It is specially applicable for the starting time and run-up time test of LED and other lighting sources.

The instrument has the following characteristics:

  • Measurement range of illuminance:0.1 lx~200,000 lx
  • Accuracy:class 1(±4%);
  • Sampling rate:1kS/s, 10kS/s, 100kS/s(optional);(kS/s:thousand samples per second)
  • Sampling time:0.1s-2000s(1kS/s), 0.1s-200s(10kS/s), 0.1s-20s(100kS/s);
  • Integrating a 12 bits fast A/D converter, whose maximum sampling rate is up to 10M. The number of sampling points are about 2,000,000.
  • Embedded microprocessor, and two modes designing is convenient for a variety of applications.
  • Fine V(λ) optical matching, comply with the requirements of national standards.
  • Equipped with CLASS A photometer head(photo sensor), with high photometry accuracy.
  • The Zero Voltage switch power supply produce the trigger sense as the standard IEC60969 required.
  • Adopt USB communication interface for communication and remote controlling.
  • The test results can also be loaded onto the computer for saving, analyzing,printing, etc.

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