LFA-2000 Light Flicker Analyzer

LFA-2000 Light Flicker Analyzer is a photometer with fast sampling rate, and it conforms with the requirements of the standards that can record the rapid changes of light in real-time, and applicable to estimate the flicker, flicker index, stroboscopic depth and modulation depth of light sources both in lab and lighting field. LFA-2000 can also be used to obtain the light variation curve and the frequency of flash light, auto xenon lights, warning lights, meanwhile, it can measure the photometric quantities of stable source.

LFA-2000 has two working modes: Continuous test mode for steady illuminants, and single test mode for instant illuminants. This instrument can be used to test the luminous flux (or illuminance), and then display the waveform and analyzed results.

The instrument has the following characteristics:

  • Measurement range of illuminance:0.1 lx~200,000 lx
  • Accuracy:class 1(±4%);
  • Sampling rate:1kS/s, 5kS/s, 10kS/s(optional);(kS/s:thousand samples per second)
  • Sampling time:0.1s-2000s(1kS/s), 0.1s-400s(5kS/s), 0.1s-200s(10kS/s)
  • Integrating a 12 bits fast A/D converter, whose maximum sampling rate is up to 10M. The number of sampling points are about 2,000,000.
  • Embedded microprocessor, and two modes designing is convenient for a variety of applications.
  • Fine V(λ) optical matching, comply with the requirements of national standards.
  • Adopt USB communication interface for communication and remote controlling.
  • The test results can also be loaded onto the computer for saving, analyzing,printing, etc.
  • External trig function for synchronize sampling.

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