OST-300/200/100 Optical Radiation Test System

OST-300/200/100 complies fully with the requirements of IEC 62471, EN 62471, CIE S009, GB / T 20145, IEC / EN 60598 Annex P., IEC / EN 60432, GB 7000.1, 2005/32 / EC , EUP Directives, etc.

The system is used for the measurement of spectral power distribution, radiance, irradiance, radiation exposure, specific effective radiant ultraviolet energy (mW / klm), illuminance, apparent source size, color temperature, color coordinates, color rendering index, SDCM and other parameters.

Measurement elements include, risk-weighted actinic UV radiation, near UV irradiance, retinal blue light radiation, thermal retinal risk, infrared irradiance, visible and infrared irradiance, etc. In addition to classifying the lamps and systems with lamps according to the photobiological risk.


  • Wavelength range: OST-300: 200nm-3000nm; OST-200: 200 nm – 800 nm; OST-100: 380 nm – 780 nm
  • Wavelength precision: ± 0.1nm (best)
  • Glow geometry: Optics that simulates the human eye according to CIE / IEC standards
  • Field of vision: 100mrd / 11mrd / 1.7mrd (Fully complies with IEC62471 and other standards)
  • Optional function: Measure the radiation security of the pulsed source including lighting products and laser products.

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