CX-3B / 2B Image Luminance Meter


Measurement of the luminance distribution in the field of view at one time, as if they were more than 1,000,000 micro-luminance meters working synchronously.


  • Luminance at the user-defined grid points on the vial or tunnel image according to CIE140-2000, EN 13201: 2015 and IESNA RP-8-00
  • Calculation of longitudinal and transverse uniformities.
  • Assessment of luminance in the area of access to road tunnels according to CIE88-2004, UNE-CR 4380: 2007
  • Calculation of IT glare


  • High accuracy

The spectral mismatch of the optical system to the function V (λ) can reach the level of class A or class B (DIN 5032-7).

  • High resolution measurement.

CX-3B delivers high-quality CCDs over 8 million pixels for super-high resolution.

CX-2B delivers high quality CCD image over 1.4 million pixels to measure the luminance of each point in the field once per sample;

  • High dynamic range.

The high dynamic range technology, the exact measurement of objects with great diversity of luminance, the measuring range can be from 0.001cd / m2 to 200kcd / m2;

  • Good Stability.

Models adopt advanced cooling technology to acquire excellent stability and repeatability;

  • Excellent image quality

Equipment with high-end large aperture lens to measure the object of cut at very long distance.

  • Convenient to use

Powered by network supply or external DC power supply, and has a USB interface, it is suitable for laboratory and field measurement.

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