Sensor Revolving Goniophotometer T6


The Sensor Revolving Goniophotometer T6 is a photometer of high accuracy and reliability for the measurement of the distribution of luminous intensity and spectrum of conventional and LED sources and luminaires.

The Goniophotometer T6 allows measurements according to the following measurement systems:

  • C-Gamma

Norms and Standards:

The Goniophotometer T6 is manufactured in accordance with the following Standards and Recommendations:

  • IESNA LM-75 Type C (complying IESNA LM-79)
  • EN 13032 Type 2
  • CIE n. 70 Chap. 6 Type 1


It allows the measurement of luminaires and lamps/sources with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum weight: 50 kg
  • Diagonal of tyhe luminous area: 500 mm with 2.5 m arm
  • Other arm dimensions on request
  • Total height luminaire/lamp: 300 mm

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