Goniophotometer GO-R5000 Everfine

The GO-R5000 full-field goniophotometer has a high measuring speed with excellent accuracy and configuration. It is configured to perform near field and far field measurements, all on the same instrument and at the same time.

Near Field Measurement

The near field detector directly receives light from the light source without passing through any mirror, the typical measurement distance is about 3 m. The near field detector can be a photometer head or multiple detectors (Measurement of photometry and color at a time).

Measurement with a near-field Goniofotometer is the best way to measure the light intensity of small or weak sources, to derive the light intensity, the distribution of illumination in each section and the luminous flux.

Goniospectroradiometer and Luminance Meter

  • Near Field Detector with High Precision Spectroradiometer
  • Measurement of spectral spatial distribution
  • Obtain accurately the mean and “non-uniformity” of the colorimetric quantities
  • Image luminance meter
  • Measure the spatial luminance distribution of light sources

Far-field measurement

Far field detector receives the light after two times the reflection by the rotation mirror M1 and the fixed mirror M2, the typical distance is about 30m. Therefore the space of the dark room does not expand accordingly. It can be applied for the measurement of intensity of large sources with narrow or wide beam angle sources.

Main features


Greater stability (10 times greater)

Since test lamps or luminaires do not move during measurement sampling, errors caused by movement can be avoided and the sample can be made as stable as possible


Extremely high measurement speed (6 times faster)

The system prevents rotation of the test samples around the horizontal axis, and the rotational speed around the test light source can be extremely high.


Flexible configuration to do everything in one

The full field speed Goniophotometer has a flexible configuration according to the requirements of the users. Using multiple detectors, you can perform near field and far field measurements, as well as light distribution and spatial color measurements.
With a single full field goniofotometer, the user can own several high accuracy goniophotometers with different functions.
The customer can also select only one function to reduce cost.


Ultra-low "background noise" or parasitic light

The whole system is working in a relatively open space, unexpected light can move away from the path of the measurement light. It is much better than the situation when a lot of scattered light is reflected in a narrow tunnel.


Space saving

The dark room height requirement is much lower than other mirror goniophotometers.

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