Spectroradiometer flicker meter

Measurement Parameters:

  • Illuminance (Lux)
  • The Relative Spectral Power Distribution P(λ)
  • Spectral Irradiance E(λ)
  • Chromaticity in CIE 1931,1960,1976
  • Correlated Color Temperature(λ)(CCT)
  • Color Rendering Index Ra, Ri (i=1~15)
  • IES EVE Illuminance
  • Rf, Rg as per IES TM-30 (Option)
  • Flicker Percentage
  • Flicker Index
  • Modulation Depth
  • Flicker Frequency
  • FFT Frequency Spectrum
  • Pst and Plt as per IEC 61547 (Option)
  • FMA,FLVL as per VESAFPDM 2.0 and IEC 61747 (Option)

Main Characteristics:

  • 50kHz high-speed sampling to catch transient variation of light

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