The accreditation mark is used to identify the accreditation by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC). This makes it possible to show that accredited entities, certificates and reports have the reliability and recognition of accreditation bodies in more than 100 countries.


Last April ENAC presented its new accreditation brand image. Created with the aim of achieving greater visibility of the brand and accredited activities.


ENAC carried out an analysis last year to assess whether the mark that has been in use for the last 25 years was still fulfilling its purpose in the best possible way. 

The main result and reason for the change of the brand image has been the great similarity between the ENAC brand image and the accreditation brand image. This generated confusion not only among market agents but also in the communication and promotion process.

ENAC has also chosen to give the new brand its own visual identity, different from the logo. With cleaner lines and a contemporary typography, but maintaining the elements that define it. Thus ensuring the brand’s recognition in the market. All with the purpose of being able to establish a clear differentiation between its main logo and the accreditation mark.

Nueva marca acreditación ENAC Asselum

Before and after Asselum’s ENAC accreditation mark.

Our Asselum laboratory is accredited by ENAC No. 1321/LE2474 according to ISO 17025 for the following tests:

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