Asselum participated in three training sessions of the LED Lighting course and its applications organized by CICAT and Barcelona Activa.

The first was given on November 7 at the offices of the company Nechi Group, in C / Entença de Barcelona. This session was focused on teaching the students basic concepts of lighting such as different lighting units, graphics and tables that can be extracted by performing a photometry and interesting topics such as light and color.

+ Información

The second session was held on December 12 at the CICAT offices located on Gran Vía, also in Barcelona. This time it was a practical class on software

technical lighting The students could learn how to make a lighting project with the LITESTAR 4D Litecalc program +Information

They also saw how to analyze and visualize photometries of lamps and luminaires with the Photoview module of LITESTAR 4D + Information

Finally, on Friday, December 15, the students visited us in our facilities in Sabadell. There they learned about the process of photometry from the beginning. They saw the operation of a Goniofotómetro, how calibrations are carried out and the different tests of photometry, temperature, colorimetry, emergency, etc. There was also a brief review of the concepts worked on in the two previous sessions and all the doubts and concerns that the students could have about the knowledge acquired in all the sessions were resolved.

In general, both parties showed satisfaction with the trajectory of the course in general. The dynamics of the classes taught by Asselum were liked by the students, so for our part we wish you all good luck in your professional future.