Twoptics are experts in optical engineering, optical design and precision component manufacturing and optical systems. Thanks to their partnership with RPO and ASE Optics USA, they guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in both optical design and manufacturing. They develop and improve the products that the customer needs for their success in the market. From optical design to prototype manufacturing and large-scale production, they cover all phases of the process, adapting to the needs and requirements of each of its customers.

They cover the entire optical engineering process:

  • Design of optical, optomechanical, optoelectronic systems:
    • Optical design
    • Lens design for complex systems/li>
    • Optomechanical design and 3D modelling
  • Prototyping and manufacturing:
    • Precision optical assemblies
    • Reflective optical systems
    • Assembly of lenses and optomechanical systems
  • Final production:
    • Product design and development
    • Marketing strategies for optical technology
    • Large scale production

Twoptics was born with the aim of meeting the growing demand in optical design and development of precision optical systems in Spain and Europe. Therefore, under the trademark ASE Optics Europe, it serves all companies and customers who want to improve their products or develop new products quickly and efficiently.

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Design and manufacturing
Design and manufacturing
Design and manufacturing
Design and manufacturing