On March 18, the new requirements for energy labeling regulations introduced by the European Commission come into force. Any supplier wishing to have its products visible in the register, whether it is already operational in ERPEL (European Product Register on Energy Labeling) or wants to register, must first verify its identity by means of the Qualified E-Stamp certificate; otherwise its sales in the EEA (European Economic Area) will be blocked.

EPREL Database

The EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labeling) is the common database containing information on the energy labeling of any product marketed in the EU, including lighting products.
On September 1, 2021, the regulation on environmental design and energy labeling came into force, whereby any product covered by Regulations (EU) 2015/2019 and (EU) 2017/1369 on Energy Labeling of Light Sources (ELR) must be registered before being placed on the European market.

For this, Asselum has tests according to the Ecodesign Regulation (EU 2019/2020) and Energy Label (EU 2019/2015). We are specialists in the massive management of lighting data and information.

E-Stamp Certificate: How can the changes in the eco-design and energy labeling directives affect you?

This March 18, 2022, the new requirements come into force for all those who are and want to be part of the registry.
If you are a supplier of products that are subject to this new regulation, you should know what elements EPREL will verify and you need to comply with:
  1. Existence of supplier.
  2. Supplier established in the EU/EEA or Northern Ireland.
  3. Right of the person signing to act on behalf of the supplier.


AAs of March 18, 2022, any supplier will have to verify its identity in the EPREL system or else it will not be able to market its products in the European Union.

To complete the verification process in the EPREL system, suppliers must submit a specific declaration in PDF format, filling out a document and stamped by the supplier with its own qualified electronic seal certificate before being uploaded to the EPREL system.

Source: ANF Autoridad de Certificación (ANF AC) 

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