The entities ICAEN, IREC, Leitat, Eureca and CIMNE, organize the 3rd edition of the course on buildings of almost zero energy consumption (NZEB).

On December 31, 2018, the European directive 2010/31 / EU on the energy efficiency of public buildings will force them to be buildings with almost zero energy consumption. This regulation will apply to newly built buildings two years later.

What does almost zero energy consumption mean?

It means that these buildings have a very high level of energy efficiency. The amount of energy that they require (which is very low) has to be covered to a large extent by renewable energies.

In this course, the different factors that influence the design and construction of buildings with almost zero energy consumption will be exposed. The regulatory framework will be discussed, factors to be taken into account when designing a building of these characteristics, which are the most suitable renewable energies, etc.

Asselum will participate next Thursday, November 23 during day 5 of the course

Asselum will participate next Thursday, November 23 during the 5th day of the course talking about the energy efficiency applied to LED technology and about the technical parameters of a lighting product to make a project as efficient as possible.

Registration is free and independent for each session, and the assistant can register for the sessions that are most interesting