Asselum recently completed the design and installation of the new lighting laboratory for Indelague, a Portuguese company with national and international trade.



A comprehensive and tailor-made service for all types of lighting laboratories

The implementation of the new lighting laboratory with a custom project was doing to respond to the needs of each client and thus guarantee the quality of their products.


From previous study to training

After a study of the space and the needs of Indelague, we have selected the most appropriate equipment, and the ULBRICHT integrating sphere has been the most appropriate solution to meet the objectives of the company, which designs innovative and personalized lighting solutions.

The integrating sphere of 2 meters in diameter of the EVERFINE brand allows measurements of luminous flux, color and electrical parameters of any type of luminaire or light source. Thanks to its measurement system, it allows multimeters to carry out measurements in a matter of minutes compared to tests in a gonio-photometer which can even take 1 hour.

Asselum Official EVERFINE Partner

EVERFINE is a manufacturer of photoelectric measuring instruments (optics, electrical, optoelectronic), leader in the field of illumination and LED measuring instruments. It is located in Binjiang National Hi-Tech Zone, Hangzhou, China, the so-called Heaven Silicon Valley.

Asselum is a partner of Everfine in Spain and supplies all its instruments in Europe, giving a complete service of advice, installation and training to our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.


esfera integradora


In our service, we include the calibration and start-up of the equipment and, in fact, a calibration certificate dated the day of installation it was delivered. It avoids having to disassemble and transfer the equipment to an external laboratory, this process is been carried out in our facilities.


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With the implementation of the new laboratory designed by Asselum, Indelague guarantees the quality of its products through photometric tests, color measurements, measurements of electrical and thermal parameters.

The facilities are taken advantage of thanks to the fact that the action from Asselum is to give a personalized course on lighting tests, advanced lighting technology and photometry management, among other relevant topics.



Our 20 years of experience and our recognition as a laboratory with ENAC accreditation No. 1321/LE2474 according to ISO 17025 allow us to provide our clients with extensive knowledge in testing and commissioning of lighting laboratories. For more information, contact us.