Asselum, takes a step forward in the promotion and adoption of energy efficiency systems and is added to the working groups of the European project PremiumLightPro (PLP), dedicated to the correct implementation of LED technology in the service sector, both private and public.

In spite of the wide availability of technology, although there are very few national and local policies to stimulate their implementation beyond domestic spaces. A significant part of lighting systems in the public and private sectors is inefficient and there is a lack of standard criteria and designs, as well as lack of knowledge about the advantages of this technology among designers, architects and installers. The identification of quality products is difficult due to the lack of customer support tools and the legislation on this type of lighting is scarce.

The PLP working groups are a firm commitment to the transversal approach and the democratization of this challenge and offer the same opportunities of influence and decision making to the relevant actors within the sector.

There are three lines of action:

  • Working Group I: Purchasing criteria, design guidelines for lighting systems
  • Working Group II: Educational program
  • Working Group III: Legal instruments at the national level, incentives, certificates, contracting.

The conclusions of these working groups will allow us to produce materials and define mechanisms of action better adapted to the specific needs of our environment.

In particular, Asselum lighting technicians will present contributions to the three working groups. Asselum lighting technicians already contributed a few months ago the development of the master plan of action PLP through its participation in the preliminary phase of consultation with relevant actors in LED lighting.

The PremiumLightPro project receives funding from the European Union through the Horizon 2020 call and the partner responsible for its development in Spain is the association Ecoserveis, dedicated to the promotion of energy culture.


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