Successful participation on April 26 at the 19th Sustainable Energy Forum (FES), organized by the association Ecoserveis with the objective of analyzing the legal, technological and financial keys essential for a quality, healthy and efficient outdoor lighting.

The day started Aniol Esquerra of Ecoserveis, organizer of the event, presenting the Premium Light Pro.

Premium Light Pro, focuses on the implementation of LED systems with high energy efficiency (indoor and outdoor lighting) in the public and private sectors. Its objective is to facilitate the implementation of efficient and high-quality LED solutions through the appropriate services and instruments.

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Asselum held the first conference on the technical requirements to be met by a lighting system, the applicable regulations to be complied with and the quality requirements in the light it provides. An explanation was given of the different procedures we have to measure light sources and what parameters to measure and deliver to the user.

What exactly is the concept of lm / W? How to measure it correctly? Why should the LED technology be tested in accordance with EN 13032-4 and not EN 13032-1? In what different ways can we measure the color of our luminaires?

The second conference was given by Marc Tarradas, from the company Ignialight and partner of CICAT. He showed us a case of success of the change of lighting of the town of Vila-Sacra with a significant saving in the bill of light of its inhabitants.

The next conference was made by Manuel Garcia, General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Generalitat de Catalunya. He told us about the Llei 6/2001 i Decret 190/2015 environmental management of the enllumenat for the protection of the nocturnal medi. A fundamental step to have a night sky of quality free from light pollution.

After the small BREAK where we were able to exchange different points of view on the lighting sector, Eva Crespo, from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and Eurecat, spoke about her experience in the design of landscape and architectural lighting. We defined the steps that we have to follow from the concept to the phase of implementation and use.

Finally, Javier Martínez of ANESE (Association of Energy Services Companies) and Óscar Sànchez of the ICAEN (Catalan Energy Institute) we did a brief but interesting review on ESE (Energy Services Companies), what advantages municipalities have when contacting their services and a summary of their history.

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Marc Ballbe

Asselum luminotecnics, is a laboratory and engineering specialized in the field of lighting. With more than 15 years of experience performing photometry and colorimetry tests of light source and luminaires and design of lighting systems.